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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Here we Go again and Honesty has to be the best policy

Hi everyone - hope you all had a great summer. I have just got back to a routine now since I began the crazy project I set myself for my brothers wedding in May this year !!!! Some of you may remember that I was doing a Friends and Family Recipe Scrapbook" as a wedding present. Anyhow, all done now and my brother and his wife were very touched and even told me it really was the BEST present they could have ever wished for. SUCCESS !!!! - will post the pics of the scrapbook shortly, there are at least 60 decorated and embellished recipe pages so I won't be short of any photo's to add to the posts for a while!) Actually I will try to add a gallery or album or something.

As well as all that, of course we had the school holiday's to contend with. I'll fill you in later on hormonal teens, taxiing, our 2 week cruise etc.

So, "here we go again" - I am back to my blog and really want to commit to posting regularly.

Anyway, as the blog title suggests I have decided that if I am going to write a blog I might as well be HONEST and I do want to be - itjust means opening up a little - for those of you who don't know my husband (48) is disabled and needs a lot of care. The last 3 weeks has seen him going from sticks to a wheelchai and we are currently going through some tough times - ( things won't get any better as it is an incurable illness)

Enough said for now, other than, a blog must be the ideal way to get things of your chest.

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Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

Yes . . . a blog is a good way to get things off your chest and get some support from your "virtual" friends. It IS hard to open up though as you never know who's reading! I wish you luck and lots of patience through your hard times.

Hugs, Sandra