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Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I Love Wednesday's now I've found this site. It is like an online "Link Party", where you get to have a nose around everyone's desks / creative makes and leave comments.

Well here is a section of my Workdesk for this Wednesday - this is a cake stand I recently made out of some cardboard boxes I had. I used a template from one I had bought in a shop and covered it with scrapbook paper (the Ella collection, I think!). I decorated the edges with ribbon, punched butterflies and tiny bunting. It looks better when their are delicious cupcakes on them.

The wooden box it is sitting on is another I recently altered. I haven't shown my actual dest this week as it is in the exact same state as last week. In order to make the cake stand I spilled through to the kitchen to make more mess.

Anyway - Happy WOYWW - enjoy the Party. I'm off to nose around everyone else's.

Click here to view Julia's blog. It's Fab!http://http//stamping-ground.blogspot.com/

Monday, 27 September 2010

Secret Letter's To Mummy!

You must all have them :- scribbles, notes, drawings,worries and lists. Well I kept everyone of my 3 girl's little letters "To Mummy". and 10 years on I realised I had the perfect box to store them in after a little bit of "tweaking!"
Anyway this is the before and after pic's (sorry actually after and befre pic's) - to be honest I need to do the same to another box in order to "hold all those lovely letter's!" - I never realised just how many letters were sent to and from the "faires!" - I'd love to have that time again, I enjoyed every second of it.
Make sure you hold on to those scribbles, letters, notes, worries and dreams - They'll bring a tear to you eye before you know it!!!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


This is a fantastic site to visit, it's great fun and makes you feel quite normal about working in a "mess" (you are not alone!) I came across it just a week ago and have decided to submit a couple of photo's of my work area. Take a look by following this link http://http//stamping-ground.blogspot.com/2010/09/67-whats-on-your-workdesk-wednesday.html

Monday, 20 September 2010

Pretty in Pink

001, originally uploaded by reb.thomson.

A page that was created at Scrapclub on Thursday 18th,I love black and white photo's and thought this would sit perfectly in the soft pinkish hues of this Delish Paper.

Happy Birthday to ME !!!

Ooooh, I'm so excited, I'm having such a lovely day! I have some lovely new presents to play with. On Saturday my husband took me to Crafts U Love in Surrey http://www.craftsulove.co.uk/ and told me to choose what I wanted and he would sit in the car and wait, then pay for it!!! My 2 youngest girl's Bryony and Rosie came along and before I knew it "I was in heaven." There was so much to choose from. An hour later I had chosen my goodies and just look what I got. I am off now to go and play, I feel I have to create something so he doesn't think it's all a waste of money. Have a good day!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Here we Go again and Honesty has to be the best policy

Hi everyone - hope you all had a great summer. I have just got back to a routine now since I began the crazy project I set myself for my brothers wedding in May this year !!!! Some of you may remember that I was doing a Friends and Family Recipe Scrapbook" as a wedding present. Anyhow, all done now and my brother and his wife were very touched and even told me it really was the BEST present they could have ever wished for. SUCCESS !!!! - will post the pics of the scrapbook shortly, there are at least 60 decorated and embellished recipe pages so I won't be short of any photo's to add to the posts for a while!) Actually I will try to add a gallery or album or something.

As well as all that, of course we had the school holiday's to contend with. I'll fill you in later on hormonal teens, taxiing, our 2 week cruise etc.

So, "here we go again" - I am back to my blog and really want to commit to posting regularly.

Anyway, as the blog title suggests I have decided that if I am going to write a blog I might as well be HONEST and I do want to be - itjust means opening up a little - for those of you who don't know my husband (48) is disabled and needs a lot of care. The last 3 weeks has seen him going from sticks to a wheelchai and we are currently going through some tough times - ( things won't get any better as it is an incurable illness)

Enough said for now, other than, a blog must be the ideal way to get things of your chest.