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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Key to my Heart

I made this for myself - it relates to my 3 daughters each holding the key to my heart. Again I picked up an old box (I think this was 50p at a car boot sale) and revamped it. The original box had some old dried flowers or something inside the glass casing. I like this much more. I got the idea from Simply Homemade magazine? and used a technique I learned from Debs Winrow. Card stock was Delish Designs.

From Rags to Riches

My Craft Room

Welcome to my blog!

Hi - (oohh this is exciting!) I'm Rebecca and I am a massive fan of scrapbooking. "Obsessed" is probably a better way to describe it.

I can't believe I'm creating this blog page as I have never done one before and haven't had any help. I expect it will change regularly as I learn more about it. I decided to create my own blog as I have spent hours viewing other peoples amazing handiwork and now feel I have so many creations of my own - that perhaps some of you may like to see them. If not - well I've learned how to set up a blog and that's a plus!