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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Using up scraps of Paper

Just thought I'd pop these on today as have been using up lots and lots of scraps of paper - thus creating some cute cards which I can always use on my layouts too. If you're anything like me you treat your paper like gold dust and NEVER throw any out. The pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Perhaps you may get some some inspiration from these cards and help you reduce that pile!!

Sunday, 2 May 2010


This has to be more than just coincidence. This bank holiday weekend I decided to do some serious scrappin'. The first page I had woken up thinking of creating was of my daughter with her Blue Peter Badge that she one last year for a computer based competition. She was very proud of it and rightly so. I started cutting out the logo, choosing colours etc - then the Postman arrived. Can you believe it with a SECOND badge she had been awarded!!!! (this time, for a poem she'd written!) How coincidental is that - on the very same morning and time as I was creating her page.
Thought I'd post a piccie of it - but, have to admit it was pretty much touch and go creating this at all. I had put her first badge away for safe-keeping and it took me HOURS to find it - hidden amongst all my stash!!!