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Monday, 27 September 2010

Secret Letter's To Mummy!

You must all have them :- scribbles, notes, drawings,worries and lists. Well I kept everyone of my 3 girl's little letters "To Mummy". and 10 years on I realised I had the perfect box to store them in after a little bit of "tweaking!"
Anyway this is the before and after pic's (sorry actually after and befre pic's) - to be honest I need to do the same to another box in order to "hold all those lovely letter's!" - I never realised just how many letters were sent to and from the "faires!" - I'd love to have that time again, I enjoyed every second of it.
Make sure you hold on to those scribbles, letters, notes, worries and dreams - They'll bring a tear to you eye before you know it!!!


dreamstar said...

i have memory boxes also. i intend giving them out on their 18th birthdays.
Lovely project as always.

aqualeiga said...

What a beautiful idea, and a beautiful box to keep those memories in, you've done a wonderful job! Hugs, Ali x