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The Start of a Mammoth Task!!

Right, I mentioned in an earlier post that I am making a special gift for my brother and his wife to be. I am compiling a "Friends and Family Recipe ScrapBook" and have been working hard at getting every invited guest to send me their favourite recipe so that I can build up the book. Well, the response was great and I now have 61 different recipes! (with more coming in all the time!) - but that means I have 61 pages to make and embellish.
As well as the recipe I asked each person to give me an idea of their likes or (what makes them tick) so that I can embellish the pages accordingly.

Here are the first few I have done - but read on, as you will see the PROBLEM I have (erggggghhhh!!)

This recipe is from our Italian nephew living in Rome and mad on the Rome football team.

This is from a grandma who loves flowers, churches and lives by the sea, hence the seashell border at the bottom of the page.

This recipe is from my mum who loves all things to do with the garden.

This page is my sister's page who is shoe and fashion mad! I used the Stamps - "A woman should be 2 things Classy and Fabulous - Coco Chanel"  and Shop 'til you Drop for the border. It's uncanny how similar the man carrying all the bags looks like her husband!!!!

This is from a great Uncle who is a mad fisherman, he also sent me some "flies" he made, so I attached them to the page. I hate my own handwriting on this page though - wish I'd done it on the computer!

This recipe is from a couple who spent a long time in Japan, so I used some vintage oriental paper. Their recipe is inside the front flap and I have included photo's of them in the envelope part at the top.

The inside cover of the album has an envelope attached which I made and inside has a "Happy Home Recipe and love and best wishes from me!"

Now for the REAL PROBLEM - i've started doing these pages as 8 x 8 and after just 6 recipes (bear in mind I have about 57 more to do) just look how FAT the album is (below). It will NEVER lay straight with all the embellishments. I had thought I could use a 12 x 12 book and include 2 pages per sheet but that's obviously not going to work. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

For now, I'm just going to keep going though with this size - It's got to be finished by 22nd May, in addition to the 80 metres of bunting I'm making up for them!!  Heh Ho!!!

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Maz said...

I love what you have made so far and this is a great idea for a present that has so much thought gone into it. I think you need to find something like a shoe box and make it into a box of recipes rather than a book, you could make divider cards for it and divide by recipe type or by closest family then friends, hope that helps you some, I would love to see it finished, good luck