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Friday, 2 April 2010

Very Pretty Dust Catcher!

Happy Easter everyone!
Just thought I'd post this photo of what I have lovingly crafted today. When I had finished I asked my husband what he thought of it. His reply was "It's a very pretty dust catcher". MEN! They've no idea! Actually that's his strange way of complimenting me!!
Let me know what you think!


dreamstar said...

just thought i would pop by your blog and catch up with your news and wow the heart hanging looks brill. Well done. I'll attempt to blog the photo on my blog!

cauliflower cupcake said...

Thanks Lisa, How did the Pennine fairsgo? Too far from me I'm afraid. Looking out for your SEB pic. So cross I missed out on joining that. Happy Easter.

Jill said...

Dust catcher? That's the sort of comment I get from my husband - no idea have they? I think it is lovely as are all of your makes.


www.cauliflowercupcake.blogspot.com said...

Thanks - You're right - They have NO IDEA! As long as he keeps to his own space and out of my craft room I'll be happy! (Love him really)

Jo said...

This is gorgeous!

Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way and leaving a comment! I believe the font I used on the card you were asking about is 'Courier New' Hope this helps and keep up the gorgeous projects! :)