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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Ribbon Tidy

I wonder if it's just me or if anyone else gets tangled up in stray bits of ribbon or, when it comes to adding the perfect finishing touch to a page, can often spend literally hours fighting with and untangling a huge pile of knotted mess just to get to that one essential piece of ribbon. Well, I have now found the solution. I found a box with a lid and covered it with patterned paper. I used my wonderful "pokey tool" to make holes all around the sides of the box. I then used those plastic punch hole re-enforcers just to make it extra sturdy. Finally I went to town decorating the lid of the box (that was the best bit for me) with buttons, chipboard letters, beads and of course more ribbon! Each strand of ribbon was threaded from the inside of the box so that a good amount hung over the outside of the box. It's very colourful and useful too. I'm starting to get so organised I won't know myself soon. Problem is I still have enough ribbon to sort for at least 2 more of these boxes - better get back to it! Let me know what you think.


dreamstar said...

Brilliant idea and lovely colours as always. Well done.

Jill said...

This is such a great idea - I use ribbons quite a lot for my cards and get fed up with the rolling away (and always managing to pick up lots of dust along they way!)


Nicole said...

What a fantastic way to store your ribbon, and soo cute aswell.

aqualeiga said...

It's brilliant Rebecca! I really need to make one of these (I've got a whole drawer in a filing cabinet FULL of tangled ribbons and funky fibres at the moment!! Argh!)

Hugs, Ali x