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Monday, 4 April 2011

3 X Blog Awards for me!

I have recently received 4 nominations for 3 different awards, so thought I'd better work out how to get these posted on my blog and pass on the necessary! So here goes: A Great Big Thankyou to Ali at http://http//aqualeigasescape.blogspot.com/ and also to Kristina Nicole at http://www.blogger.com/www.kristinanicoleblog.blogspot.com so thanks to you too.
It's only taken me all day to figure out how to copy the award onto this post and figure out how to do links (that work properly!!!!) onto this post!!! But thankyou, and it has made me learn a bit more about blogging etc.
The rules for receiving the Versatile Blogger Award are to thank and link/acknowledge the person/persons who nominated you the award.
To tell 7 random things about yourself.(So Here Goes):
1. I secretly wanted to BE Laura Ingall's from Little House on the Prairie and am still a huge fan even at 43 years old!
2. I adore Betsey Clarke artwork by Hallmark.
3. I love to go to car boot sales looking for anything I can alter or craft with.
4. I HATE ironing.
5. However much I try I don't seem able to keep bedding plants or hanging baskets alive.
6. I LOVE Christmas.
7.I have a miniature Daschund and 2 cats.
Pass this on to 7 inspiring bloggers and leave a comment so they can pass along the recognition.
So here goes The 7 bloggers I wish to nominate are:-
1. Lisa (one of the very first people to leave a comment on my blog and who is doing really well with all her lovely makes, especially her lovely bags, at http://dreamstardiary.blogspot.com/
2.The lovely blog owner of http://nerllybird.typepad.com/abigjuicyworm/
3.Jan at handcrafted by Picto http://handcraftedbypicto.blogspot.com/
4.The wonderful Mrs A at http://itsanalienlife.blogspot.com/
5.Nici (the wonderful poet,!!!, who has just one my first blog candy giveaway) http://goblindreamer.blogspot.com/
6. Angie at :- http://glimpsingthepast.blogspot.com/ for her lovely blog about genealogy, which I too am very interested in.
7. To Hettie for her beautiful creations over at http://hettiecraftcz.blogspot.com/ (TICK)

So I will now leave them a comment to tell them of their award.

Be sure to check these blogs out - they really are all very inspiring and well worth a visit.

As far as I understand I don't think there are any "to-do lists" for the other 2 awards, so I will just take them with a grateful, smug smile and figure out how to paste them onto my side bar! (yikes!!)

Have a good day everyone!


Di said...

Congratulations honey! I'm ashamed to say I also got a Versatile Blogger Award and have totally forgotten about it - besides, am not sure I have seven interesting things to tell (in public!!). Di x

Mrs A. said...

Thankyou so much for this award. Very much appreciated.

Chrysalis said...

Congrats on the award, Rebecca - it's nice to know other people appreciate your work, isn't it? I reckon you're a woman after my own heart - I ticked all the things about you (except I don't have a daschund!!) I love popping over to your blog to look at your great projects. Thanks for sharing xx

nerllybird said...

Hello, I just saw your comment on my blog - sorry I missed it but things are very hectic here and blogging is taking a back seat. Thanks for thinking of me and I hope you'll be back to visit - hopefully there will be interesting things happening on NSBD this weekend!