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Sunday, 20 March 2011

One Man's Trash !

One of my many loves (other than crafting, of course) is rummaging around car boot sales. I have found some fabulous things in the past and as this morning was such a beautiful day I wandered off (on my own, no children or husband - just a bit of me time) to our local car boot sale. It's really big and today it was packed!!
I'm always on the look out for craft storage and any boxes and frames I can alter. Today I found all these bits and it only cost me £2.50 in total!
I managed to find 2 stamps, 2 ink pads, a box of old dominoes, some lovely wooden cotton crochet reels, a huge tin of old button's, a broken brass pocket watch and a rusty old lock!!!! Bliss!!!!!!
Some people may think I'm mad, like my husband, but the watch, a couple of the dominoes and lock I thought would look good in an altered box frame (similar to the Tim Holtz ones I've been glued to on You Tube, and there's always loads you can do with button's aren't there!)
Have you found any great finds at Car Boot Sales - I'd love to hear about them?

Don't forget "FFFF" see post below - starts Friday April 1st!!

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Sam said...

Oooo. Loving your box of bits!! Enjoy rifling through there!